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[ENG] Kobe i sędziowie

Data: 2009-04-30 21:10:52
Autor: Tomasz Radko
[ENG] Kobe i sędziowie
There are two types of player NBA officials don't like: players calling them 'ref' and ones who argue every single call. Now, the Knicks' David Lee is the poster boy for the former, but Perkins is among the princes of the latter. Perkins is demonstrative every time the whistle blows. I'm not saying he's wrong, but you can't show up referees like that and expect them to give you the benefit of the doubt the next time. You have to be respectful. When a tough call goes against you and you know it's the right one, maybe you make eye contact with the official and acknowledge it. I saw Kobe Bryant do it in the fourth quarter against Utah on Monday. Veteran official Steve Javie had just whistled an offensive foul on him and on his way back down the floor Bryant nodded to Javie and mouthed, "Good call." Kobe didn't need to do that. But in some way he probably earned a little credit with Javie. And that's smart.

[ENG] Kobe i sędziowie

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