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Yep, you read that right:
BUY Belfort Instruments DigiWx-SHIT... Have a PILE OF SHIT guaranteed!

Have you heard about the Meadow Lake Airport AWOS Fiasco?
Quoting, reads in short:

"Executive Conclusion: Of the four candidate AWOS manufacturers, only
two meet the threshold and objective system performance levels. These
are systems provided by All Weather Inc (AWI) and Vaisala. The
SuperAWOS by Potomac Aviation does not pass an initial cut due to
maintenance problems encountered with their SuperUnicom installed at
Meadow Lake airport."

"The Belfort Digi WX "AWOS" is not a true FAA fully commissionable
AWOS. Its complete sensor suite is not certified. Installation of this
system at 00V means that we would not have our weather data (METAR)
accessible in the federal database which means that Flight Service and
other sites such as ADDS, XM weather, WSI, etc would not not have
Meadow Lake weather data. The only certified weather info would be
altimeter and visibility. While this does allow Part 91 and 135
instrument approaches, the inability to incorporate its complete METAR
data in the federal system is a deal-breaker."

"The apparent initial cost savings of the initial Belfort Digi WX
acquisition is minimal and not worth the lack of functionality and
usefulness to the national aviation community. Life-cycle cost of the
Belfort system over 15 years is over $27,000 higher than the Vaisala

"It would not allow us to transition to a three letter airport

"Bottom line is that the Belfort system represents false economy,
minimal pilot usefulness and is inconsistent with providing the
aviation community services that make this airport attractive to
current and future pilots and businesses."

"Of the remaining systems offered by AWI and Vaisala, Vaisala is the
preferred system."

The complete report highlighting DigiWx shortcomings can be found at:

Now have a LQQK at this.....

Ron Lee from Meadow Lake Airport wrote in Pike's Peak Flyer:
January 2009

The SuperUnicom was shut down in early August 2008 due to
harmful interference on the 122.7 MHz frequency A grant was
submitted and approved to get an AWOS III P/T using FAA funds.
Our portion of the cost is around $4,000 although incidentals
may drive it higher... but far below the $25,000 previously
budgeted for an AWOS. One MLAA Board member is attempting to
force a system that is not fully certified down our throats
using the flawed rationale that it is cheaper that the fully
certified systems offered by All Weather Inc and Vaisala. A
major down side to the Belfort system is that pilots will not
be able to access METAR data through Flight Service, ADDS, on
their on-board weather systems, etc. We will very likely be
unable to acquire a three letter airport ID and maintenance
will cost much more over its lifetime than with either of the
fully certified systems. Plus in its current implementation,
there is no obvious upgrade path to getting present weather
and lightning information available in an AWOS III P/T system.
It is crucial to the safety of this airport and our usefulness
as a destination airport within the National Airspace System
that we get a state of the art AWOS. With the FAA grant, it is
amazingly affordable. But it is essential that local pilots
become informed on this matter and contact all Board members
to express their view. My opinion... based upon extensive
research on behalf of MLAA members... is that we need a fully
certified AWOS. The minimum configuration is AWOS III, with
AWOS III P/T highly desirable (objective). It needs to be the
number one priority acquisition with a target installation not
later than Spring 2009. It must not be sacrificed to pay
interest on the land acquisition.

His full report is located he

If you're considering Digiwx AWOS... READ THIS ANALYSIS FIRST!

Following up on the post regarding the UN-APPROVED, UN-
CERTIFIED and UN-OFFICIAL weather data spewed by Belfort
Digiwx AWOS, one also needs to note that they only sold 2
units during all of 2009. wrote:
"These Belfort Digiwx AWOS Chinese made wind sensors are about
the worst products available in the weather instrumentation
marketplace worldwide. This is yet another reason why Belfort
Instruments did not get the following Digiwx AWOS weather
sensors (ie. wind speed, wind direction, temperature, dewpoint,
relative humidity, density altitude, present weather,
precipitation, lightning, ceilometer (aka condensation
altitude)) FAA Approved, nor FAA Ceritified and why the
information SPEWED from a Belfort Digiwx AWOS is NOT OFFICIAL
report). Belfort formats their UN-APPROVED, UN-CERTIFIED and
UN-OFFICIAL weather data to make it look like an official
avaition METAR when it's NOT! And that's why you won't find
a single FAA COMMISSIONED Belfort Digiwx AWOS anywhere in
the world!"

Bruce R. Robinson's 10 reasons to NOT buy Belfort Digiwx AWOS:

Ten reasons for not buying Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS:
1) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified wind speed
2) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified wind direction
3) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified temperature
4) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified dewpoint
5) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified density altitude
6) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified visibility
7) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified precipitation measurement
8) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified precipitation discriminator
9) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified ceiling measurement (ceilometer)
10) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified lightning detection

Then you can always check out the reliability of a Digiwx.....


It's been this way for months!
Not hours, not days, not weeks, but months!

How many more examples of unreliable Digiwx stations do you need?

The United States had 546 commercial service airports as of 2001. See:

You won't find a single Digiwx AWOS in use at any of these
commercial service airports where passengers are being
transported. When you consider that Digiwx AWOS is nothing
more than a FAA Approved barometer and visibility sensor,
now you know why!

Why would you put your family at risk to a small airport that
has a Digiwx AWOS in use? Do you have a death wish for your family?

Here are some other reliable AWOS alternatives that you will
find in use at U.S. commercial service airports including: (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)

Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS LOWLIFES

Bruce R. Robinson (serves as Chief Fondler at Utilipoint Intl)
Ellen H. Robinson (phuck buddy)
60 Paako Drive
Sandia Park, NM 87047
brobinson (at)

Nicholas C. Kaufman (a phucking nobody)
Darlene C. Kaufman (phuck buddy)
13667 Marsh Harbor Drive North
Jacksonville, FL 32225
cs (at)

Debra S. Lange (murdering bitch)
Debra S. Alascio (maiden name: Spence)
Santo V. Alascio (drunk husband)
960 Fell Street, Unit 313
Baltimore, MD 21231
DSAlascio (at)

William C. Gordon (backstabbing dick sucker)
Judith A. Gordon (phuck buddy)
13911 Manor Road
Baldwin, MD 21013

Ralph F. Petragnani (a phucking wannabe)
Elisa Petragnani (phuck buddy)
1039 Old Bay Ridge Road
Annapolis, MD 21403-4256
rpetragnani (at)

M. Tylor Burton III (a phucking dick licker)
Jane M. Burton (phuck buddy)
25 Dunvegan Road
Catonsville, MD 21228
tylorb (at)

Steven K. Eagan
Joy M. Eagan (phuck buddy)
18912 Falls Road
Hampstead, MD 21074

Digiwx AWOS was voted the MOST UNRELIABLE AWOS weather
system in the U.S. marketplace according to a recent poll
of pilots from AOPA.

Pilots reported that:

1) Digiwx unable to consistently transmit weather data
2) rampant Digiwx outages (that pretty scary)
3) incorrect wind direction and wind speed readings
4) incorrect temperature and dewpoint readings
5) Digiwx AWOS systems that aren't even FAA commissioned
6) non-existent tech support from Belfort Instruments
7) Digiwx that doesn't broadcast over UNICOM using mic clicks
8) Digiwx that doesn't broadcast over UNICOM using voice reco
9) several airports that have replaced Digiwx with SuperAWOS
10) Belfort Instruments lies about it's involvement with Wright

And then a LQQK at this.....

Much has been written about Belfort Instrument Company's
DigiWx AWOS anonymously for good reason because the Belfort
DigiWx "fur" has been flying since at least 2005. One can
find mention of Belfort's inferior weather station named
DigiWx as witnessed by:
Ten reasons to NOT buy Belfort DigiWx AWOS (keep reading)

I also am of the belief that Belfort Instrument Company has
been actively censoring anyone and any words which dishes
dirt on this inferior DigiWx AWOS weather station.

Now we have word from Belfort Instrument Company of
a "Recommended Service Bulletin" dated April 21, 2011
and numbered 2011-1.

SUBJECT: Unicom Transmission

MODELS AFFECTED: Belfort DigiWx AV100 with
                 either Technisonic or ICom radios

TIME OF COMPLIANCE: At owner's discretion

There have been some discussions by users at congested
airports of not being able to receive the AWOS broadcast
over the Unicom or the weather report stepping on other
Unicom communications. The following suggest may decrease
the problem.

1. On the DigiWx radio, set the squelch well above
the squelch break point this, in turn requires more
power to break the squelch which means traffic has to be
closer to the airport to receive the weather report.

2. The DigiWx standard broadcast mode is using 3 MIC
clicks. At busy airports, there isn t a way for the
DigiWx to determine if someone is clicking the MIC 3
times for the weather or three (3) separate pilots are
clicking the MIC to talk. If this is the case, it might
help to change the number of MIC clicks for weather to
5 MIC clicks. Both of the above recommendations will
help reduce the number of broadcasts from the DigiWx
and they are easy to do and don t cost money.

Belfort Field Service Team
800 937-2353

Well, I fly from one of the airports in MT with one
of these DigiWx AWOS pieces of SHIT. And its beyond me
to understand why changing the mic clicks at a congested
airport is going to fix the problem of a DigiWx which
clogs the UNICOM frequency. Just like Belfort said,
DigiWx cannot distinguish who is clicking the mic 3
times. The DigiWx is stupid. When it hears any 3 mic
clicks, it activates and clogs an already congested
UNICOM frequency. We pointed this out to Belfort 3

If I cut thru the emotion of everything ever written
about the Belfort Instrument Comanpy DigiWx AWOS, I
am now a believer. Belfort doesn't know the first
phucking thing about designing an AWOS to broadcast
over a UNICOM frequency. I have talked with numerous
pilots from other airports who have the SuperAWOS
and the Vaisala AWOS. And they just DON'T have these
clogged frequency problems.

About Belfort Instrument Company:
Belfort used to be a leading provider of weather instruments
to the government, professional meteorology and aviation
markets. Key words: "use to be." They never provided any wind
sensors to the Wright Brothers despite their fantastic
assertion that they did! Historical archives available at the
U.S. Air Force National Museum (1100 Spaatz Street, Wright-
Patterson AFB, OH 45433) tells a very different story and
specifically mentions a "Richards" anemometer which Wilbur
Wright held as pictured
at: "".
The Belfort aerovane wind system on U.S. Naval aircraft
carriers are currently being replaced with ultrasonic wind
sensors from QPI (11207 Single Oak Road, Fredericksburg, VA
22407) which just won a $94 million dollar contract for the
Moriah Wind System. Belfort wind speed and direction
anemometers found on the ASOS platform are now being
replaced with ultrasonic sensors from the Vaisala Group.
Belfort Instruments Model 6000 visibility sensor will no
longer be a part of the U.S. Air Force's OS-21/FSB program
come early 2007. And despite a $500,000 U.S. government
grant from NASA's Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS)
program in 2004 to build a low-cost ceilometer, Belfort
didn't possess the technical smarts nor the engineering
know-how to accomplish the task. So now they're importing
the Eliasson CBME 80A laser ceilometer from Muir Matheson.
As one can readily see, Belfort is no longer setting any
standards of measurement in the weather instrumentation
world. And now Belfort is propagating lie after lie about
their fabled company history while trying to steal
thunder from the accomplishments of the Wright Brothers.
According to the National Museum of American History (12th
Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20560),
Belfort founder Julian Friez never made it to Baltimore to
set up shop until sometime in the 1890s even though Belfort
officials fradulently claim the company was founded in 1876.
Thus, there was no 125th anniversary for Belfort to
celebrate in 2001 even though they hosted a party to which
no one came! Belfort's proclamation that it is the "Oldest
Weather Company in the World" is simply yet another Belfort
lie as Thomas Romney Robinson invented the first wind
anemometer in 1846, six years before Julian Friez was born
in 1852. Belfort doesn't even know it's own company history
so they just make it up! You should wonder what other crap
(eg. Digiwx AWOS) they also make up! For more information
about Belfort Instrument and DigiWx, visit dogsh*

Belfort Instrument Company does business under several names
including Gamma Scientific, UDT Instruments, Advanced Retro,
Road Vista and K R Acquisition Corporation.

BUY Belfort Instruments DigiWx-SHIT... Have a PILE OF SHIT guaranteed!

And don't forget to google "Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS"

Google Belfort Instruments owners and managers:


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